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Disposable Eco Friendly Paper Coffee Cups

At your local coffee shop or takeaway, chances are you will be offered a disposable eco friendly paper cup to hold your hot beverage.

Unfortunately, these liners are difficult to recycle and have even been linked with serious health concerns; experts warn that ingesting microplastic particles could increase cancer and infertility risks.

Most people don’t give much thought to what happens to their used cups once they are no longer useful; unfortunately, most end up thrown into general recycling bins or mixed waste streams, where they become mixed in with other recyclables and non-recyclables, rendering them unusable. Some manufacturers are redesigning cups so they’re easier to recycle;

Unfortunately, these solutions are still limited and it’s important to know how to dispose of eco-friendly paper coffee cups responsibly until that changes.

Many people assume that just because a cup has a recycling loop printed on it, that they are recyclable. Unfortunately, this may not always be true as local councils may impose stringent guidelines regarding which symbols can be used on packaging – in some instances even rejecting cups with loops altogether! To find out whether your recycling scheme will accept them or not directly contact the waste management service for guidance.

Consider, too, that these cups aren’t often recycled in the US – the plants capable of doing so tend to be located far from where the cups are produced and sold; most facilities cannot process high volumes of single-use cups easily either. Therefore, until there’s an alternative solution available it would be wise to opt out entirely or at least only when possible for recycling them.

Georgia-Pacific conducted repulping trials for its PE-coated cups and found it possible to separate fibres from plastic coating, thus making these recyclable cups more sustainable options. As a result, its recycled paper mills in Green Bay and Muskogee now accept these cups alongside mixed waste streams as part of recycling initiatives. While this step might only seem small now, hopefully one day we’ll look upon PE cups like we view plastic or styrofoam; for now though we must find our most environmentally friendly cup.

At Vesey Charity, we offer eco-friendly products in the US. Our curated range ensures quality without harming the planet. With every purchase, you support our charitable initiatives, fostering a greener, more sustainable future. Join us, choose sustainability, and make a difference today!

Disposable Paper Cups


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