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Vesey Revolution

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Products thoughtfully created from 
partnerships with various causes.


About Vesey reVolution

At Vesey, we understand that our clients have different preferences and values. Some of our customers are drawn to our sustainable offerings, finding it fulfilling to align their fashion choices with their environmental beliefs. Others love our brand so much that they become enthusiastic promoters, sharing their positive experiences with their clients, friends, and family. Some are passionate activists, using their networks to spread the word about Vesey and advocate for social and societal change.
Our designs include high-quality, upcycled and single quantity production pieces. Each piece has a history and tells its own unique story. Whether you are looking for refurbished custom fashion or other sustainable options, we have something for everyone who cares about what they wear, and making a positive impact.
We strive to support charitable initiatives that give back to our community and create a more sustainable future. Join the revolution.
VZC Farm

Simple Ways You Can Make Positive Changes in the World:

participate in the Upcycling world!  shop 2nd-hand when you can, 
or create your next project from recycled materials!
support local Farms!  make farm Visits for fresh produce, 
and learn something new from their farmers! 
join a local Ocean beach Cleanup crew in your area!
And you can always…Plant Trees.
Join the vesey revolution – get out there and do some good

VZ reVolution In the News:

VZ reVolution - Vesey Values & Mission

  • We are committed to promoting sustainability in the fashion industry and minimizing our environmental impact.
  • Vesey embraces the principles of slow fashion, focusing on quality over quantity and encouraging conscious consumption.
  • We believe in the power of upcycling to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces while reducing waste and giving new life to materials.
  • Vesey sources from old mills and upcycle materials to benefit people in need, making a positive social impact.
  • We prioritize recycling and aim to minimize waste throughout our production and operational processes.
  • Vesey values education on sustainability and strive to spread knowledge about sustainable practices to empower our customers.
  • We encourage our customers to use their voices and become part of the global activism movement for positive change.
  • Vesey believes in equality in design, ensuring that our products are inclusive and accessible to all.
  • We actively support charitable initiatives, giving back to our community and making a difference through fashion.
  • Vesey offers upcycled, refurbished custom fashion options, allowing customers to express their unique style.
  • We care deeply about the environment, air quality, and the well-being of our planet.
  • Our brand encourages conscious choices beyond just fashion.

Vesey operates as a Benefit Corporation, aiming to create positive social change through our business practices.


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