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About VZ Charity

VZCharity designs custom fashion with 100% of the profits supporting charities around the World.

VZCharity partners with organizations to make purposeful, sustainable clothing inspired by nature and humanity. Each unique wardrobe item is inspired by nature and humanity. We strive to bring purpose to the fashion industry so you can express your vision for a better world.

BENEFIT CORP – OUR COMMITMENT TO THE COMMUNITY AND OUR ENVIRONMENT Vesey Exclusive Corporation is a California benefit corporation, a legal designation that allows for-profit businesses to pursue social and environmental goals in addition to generating profit. Benefit corporations are required to consider the impact of both their decisions on society and the environment and on those specific public benefits identified by the corporation. Vesey Exclusive Corporation became a California benefit corporation because our social and environmental values are central to our business model, and we want to demonstrate our commitment to those values. As a benefit corporation, we are committed to the specific public benefits of (1) promoting, partnering with, and making donations to charitable organizations that espouse these values, including those supporting animals, the environment, health education, rehabilitation groups, and LGBTQ rights, and (2) offering and promoting sustainable garments that have a positive impact on society and the environment. When available, a copy of our annual benefit corporation report will be posted to this website in accordance with California Corporations Code Section 14630.

About VZCharity

We Work With the Most Important Change Maker, YOU

Dressing the most important change maker, you. VZCharity works directly with our clients to create one of a kind pieces that make a statement.

Let the world know what you care about. Wear your purpose.

About VZCharity

VZC Partners with and Donates to Global Charities

Custom wearable art, designed with purpose. We strive to make the world a better place. Vesey is a public benefit corporation partnering with non-profits to help bring style to charity.

We work to create sustainable fashion inspired by you. Our designs benefit Nature, Humanity, Animals, and our Planet.

About VZCharity

Sustainable Personal Style

Sustaining your style by sustaining the planet. We source socially conscious, sustainable materials to create our custom pieces. From buttons, to fasteners, stitching, and zippers.

Every detail of your custom piece is hand-selected and ethically sourced to reduce waste and to sustainably produce all VZC items responsibly.

About VZCharity

Look Good, Do Good

Take a stand with what you wear. We all can make a difference in our own individual way. Why not look good as you do good?

When your purpose and our passion come together, we create a brand that is as bold and driven as those that wear it.

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